PPD & HGP Collaboration

Check out this article from Polymer Process Development, announcing our collaboration.
Our product would not be available without them!

PPD Collaborates with Hyperformance Glass Products, Bringing Tougher Glass to the Consumer

PPD is collaborating with Hyperformance Glass Products LLC to bring Corning Gorilla Glass for Automotive Exteriors, and other unique automotive glass panels to the consumer market. HGP aims to bring the latest advancements in glass technology directly to the consumer.

Hyperformance Glass Products is a new, Michigan based company, focused on expanding the currently limited market for high quality aftermarket glass for the enthusiast. Working with Gorilla Glass, HGP has created a product line designed for toughness, comfort, and quality. They will be producing premium glass products including windshields, backlites, and quarter lites. HGP will also provide stylistic glass pieces to complement the customization of every other aspect of your car. As experts in glass encapsulation, HGP partnered with PPD to engineer and create value-add process solutions for the diverse needs of these parts. PPD’s passion for advancement in the automotive glass sector makes for a proud endorsement of the technological potential and modern aesthetics of these products.

HGP and PPD will be able to produce new and improved technologies such as: Virtual Gauges in Glass, Gorilla Glass hybrid windshield laminate, louvered glass quarter windows, and many other advancements. PPD is currently working on several other new products that meet HGP’s vision of advanced glass products for the automotive enthusiast. HGP will launch its first product in late summer, with a myriad of other products to follow. Check https://www.hyperformanceglassproducts.com/ for more information.


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