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Advancing Technology Through Transparency

3 windshield layers
Solar Control Soda-Lime Glass

  • Thick outer layer of glass
  • Blocks 99.9% of sun's harmful UV rays
  • Blunt and sharp impact resistant

Polyvinyl Burtyral (PVB)

  • Improves acoustic properties
  • Absorbs energy during point impact
  • Provides glass resistance to penetration

Hyperformance® Tough Glass for Automotive

  • Chemically strengthened inner ply
  • Can reduce defrost time
  • Optical performance improves clarity

Demonstration Videos

Fusion IOX

What makes the manufacturing process for Corning® Gorilla® Glass so special?

Hail Damage Simulation

Even under extreme conditions, Corning® Gorilla® Glass proves to be more durable than traditional glass.

Sharp Impact Drop Test

Gorilla® Glass Hybrids result in a windshield that is tougher, lighter and less likely to require repair or replacement.

Optical Distortion Demo

With Gorilla® Glass having virtually no draw lines, Hyperformance® Windshields will have more optical clarity compared to traditional windshields.

Cold Temperature Impact Test

Thin Gorilla® Glass Hybrids are up to 5X more resistant to large, blunt force damage than conventional thick traditional windows.

Windshield Defrost Test

Window defrost time is reduced 30% from traditional glass.

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