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At HGP, it is our mission to improve the driving experience of our customers by providing an added layer of Toughness, Comfort, Quality, and Technology to their everyday glass products. Our strength lies in our ability to provide glass to the consumer with various levels of enhancements that cannot be found anywhere else. Our commitment to innovation is complimented by our desire to exceed customer expectations, which inspires us to develop advanced, unique, & quality products.

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Our Vision

One of the most fascinating traits of the automotive industry is the ability to customize a vehicle from top to bottom. Since the beginning, auto enthusiasts have customized everything from their steering wheel to their entire engine, but there has not been any significant push for customization within the automotive glass application. We aim to change the way people look at glass and give them the opportunity to add custom glass to their vehicle.

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Quality Policy

HGP is committed to satisfying our customers needs every time, through our proven processes, commitment to quality, and collaboration with global leaders in the glass industry to bring you the best product we can offer.

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Customer Care

Along with our great products, HGP also delivers exceptional customer service. If you need help with product questions, finding a local installer or filing a warranty claim and prefer to speak to someone on the phone, you can always reach one of our professional service representatives at 877-539-5523. Online customer inquiries are usually responded to within 2 business days.

Polymer Process Development

Our parent company, Polymer Process Development LLC. (PPD) was established in 1996. While primarily focusing on the automotive industry, PPD has created an industry-leading manufacturing business. PPD’s success has been built through a variety of diverse programs, which include large scale production for OEMS, aftermarket customers, and more innovative startups. Through our years of experience, we have embraced the newest technologies and have pioneered numerous technologies in the value-add industry for automotive glass.

PPD - Polymer Process Development
Notably, PPD is the largest processor of chemically strengthened glass in the world, which is more commonly known as Gorilla® Glass. Keeping in tune with market trends, PPD recognized the demand for advanced glass solutions for the enthusiast market. With this knowledge, PPD’s managing partners, launched Hyperformance® Glass Products LLC. (HGP) in 2018. While PPD’s customer base is primarily other automotive businesses, HGP’s focus is geared toward bringing these technologies directly to the consumer.

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