Hyperformance® Glass Collaborates with E3 Association

Hyperformance® Glass Products is excited to announce our position as an official sponsor with E3 Association. E3 Association is an organization that delivers a vast collection of exclusive content for its members created by a multitude of online influencer personalities all with different focuses. Some of these different divisions include E3 Off-Road, E3 Overland, E3 Camping, and plenty more, all with the goal to be a resource to empower, educate, and entertain.  The content that they publish has an enhanced focus on sharing the best practices through their own experiences and trials while working with industry professionals to give their members some first-hand insight from experts. E3 Members also receive exclusive discounts on products through close work with their partners.

In September of 2020 the team at HGP collaborated with Lite Brite, a popular YouTube channel. We upgraded both of their Jeep builds, the Foster Child & Step Child, with our Hyperformance® TOUGH Windshield. Kevin & Brittany were excited to put our windshield to the test and we have been enjoying watching them share their adventures on their YouTube Channel. In addition to that, the Jeep Gladiator Foster Child build was originally intended to be a giveaway prize for one lucky E3 Member. We wanted to make sure that the Gladiator was already upgraded with our Hyperformance® TOUGH Windshield so the winner would not have to worry about broken glass when they take it out on the trails. Recently, we also provided a Hyperformance® TOUGH Windshield as a raffle prize for another lucky E3 Member, Kyle Butler, who recently had his windshield installed onto his Gladiator!

This is just the beginning of our sponsorship with E3 Association, but we are looking forward to collaborating more with their team and offering more exclusive promotions and discounts for their members.

Interested in becoming a member? Click Here for more information.