HGP at 2019 SEMA Show

Check out this interesting article from the Las Vegas local News featuring Hyperformance Glass Products booth and technology at the 2019 SEMA Show in Las Vegas:

2019 SEMA trade show highlights new tech and safety products

LAS VEGAS (KSNV) — by Steve Wolford

From a bumper-mounted infrared camera to high impact auto glass, the SEMA show underway at the Las Vegas Convention Center is featuring new products coming to retailers for your car or truck.

GU Autotech is marketing an infrared camera that can be mounted on the bumper, or behind the grill, that allows drivers to spot people, animals and objects at a much greater distance at night.

According to Suzie Kirby, with the California-based company, headlights allow nighttime visibility of about 400 feet, while the infrared camera extends that distance four times farther.

Also at this year’s SEMA, Rob Brisley of Hyperformance Glass Products (HGP), was showing off Gorilla Glass by firing frozen balls of ice at a windshield, at 70 miles an hour, to demonstrate its resilience against road impacts. “The beauty with the Gorilla Glass,” said Brisley. “Once you marry it with the traditional glass, it makes it much, much tougher and it will be able to take those sharp stone impacts, as well as blunt force impacts. Two or three times more than a traditional windshield.”


Green technology is also highlighted on the SEMA floor, including an electric Ford Mustang developed by Webasto in Michigan. According to marketing director Josh Lupu, battery-powered muscle car is not a contradiction in terms. “It’s very fast,” said Lupu.

“With over a thousand foot-pounds of torque and almost a thousand horsepower, the car really moves,” he added. Lupu says the effort is a one and off, but the electric motor was integrated into the Mustang to prove a point. “You can have fun in a vehicle that’s electric. It has a manual transmission, so you can shift the gears, you can roll through the gears just like you would in your internal combustion Mustang, but it’s kind of the best of both worlds.”

SEMA organizers say advancing vehicle technology is one of the show’s priorities. “SEMA is all about innovation and product development,” said Tom Gattuso, VP of Events. “It’s a way to keep up with the technology that’s currently on cars, but still be able to customize and personalize them while still having the same technological and safety concerns that the manufacturers have built-in,” Gattuso added.

SEMA continues at the Las Vegas Convention Center through Friday. It’s only open to vendors and buyers, but the public is invited to attend what’s described as a SEMA after-party.

“SEMA Ignited” is open to anyone interested in seeing hundreds of modified and customized vehicles in the Convention Center parking lot on Friday, November 8, from 3 to 10 p.m.

Admission is $20. Military with ID get in free.

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